The greenest building in Ho Chi Minh city

The first LEED certified-green office building

   President Place, a new office building in the city centre, is Ho Chi Minh City’s greenest project. why is GREEN? we will figure out.
   The building is located on Nguyen Du Street in District 1, near the Reunification Palace   ( Independent Palace) and the city's law court. 

   Sapphire, the building’s developer, set out to create the greenest building in the city, and their effort has paid off in the form of a LEED Gold certification. LEED is a system designed by the US Green Building Council to determine how environmentally friendly buildings are. President Place is the first building in the city to receive this status.
   Philip Cluer, the leasing coordinator at President Place, explained that LEED “is about sustainable use of construction materials, for example trying to source as much material locally as possible.” Nearly everything used to construct the building was made in Vietnam, including the custom steel cladding.

   Alex Crane, a senior manager at Savills Vietnam, added, “LEED covers everything from the cubicles to the toilets, and everything has to get approved.”
   “Environmentally-friendly developments are emerging all over the world. At President Place we focus on sustainability matters like efficient natural air flow, efficient air conditioning system, natural light, water saving, locally soured construction materials, among others.
   “We have complemented our technology and design leadership with in-depth research into the evolving consumer needs. We will embed ourselves into the latest consumer trends and preferences todeliver innovative developments,” said David Clarkin,general director of President Place Saigon Limited

   The project employs various active and passive systems to achieve it's green standards. Roof top rice paddies reduce the air conditioning costs and return clean air to the environment and a low energy-loss glass minimizes solar heat gain and lowers energy loss.   The project also uses sensors and time operated energy efficient lighting and ventilation monitoring systems to ensure maximum efficiency.
Bicycle racks & storage, shower & changing facilities, parking spaces for low emitting vehicles & fuel efficient vehicles and carpool/ van pool all work together to discourage individuals from driving to work.
    Highest quality facility components have been selected to reduce chemicals and contaminants in building. Not only do all of these design aspects minimize the impact on the environment, they also result in a reduction of operating costs for the tenants.
   This project has been awarded a LEED Gold Certification. It's the only project in Ho Chi Minh City to have garnered this prestigious green award.

Typical Floor- Lower Part.

Typical Floor-Upper Part.
Main Elevation
View from street corner
Screen pattern

View from inside


  1. Anonymous3:55 AM

    'Green Building' is quite new in Viet Nam. I think it will be a TREND in near future.

  2. I hope we will have more green building in our city. Nice post, yele 😊

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