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Thiet ke cong trinh dep

Stacking Green House in a tropical city.

     The house is a typical tube house constructed on
Front View
the plot size of 4X20m in HCM City's District 2.

The distance between the planters and the height of the planters can be adjusted according to the height of the plants, which varies from 25cm to 40cm.
    "To water plants and for easy maintenance, we use the automatic irrigation pipes inside the planters. We named this tropical, unique and eco-friendly house Stacking Green because its facade is filled with vigorous and vital greenery," said Nghia.
     The green facade and roof top garden protect its inhabitants from direct sunlight, street noise and pollution, Nghia said.

     Furthermore, natural ventilation through the facades and 2 top-lights allow this house to save lots of energy and avoid the harsh climate of the southern HCM City.
     "Concerning these ecological approaches, we referred a lot to the bioclimatic principles of a traditional Vietnamese courtyard house," said Nghia.

    A large skylight in the core of the home opens to exhaust the stale indoor air and promote welcome cross breezes in the muggy climate. A large opening on the lower floor mirroring the size of the skylight adds low-impact illumination in the public area.
    Stacked four floors high, the home is both intimate and private for a difficult lot. The uppermost half-sized floor opens to a tiny green roof, providing views and a place to unwind well above the chaotic streets.
     The rich but modern textures throughout the home feel like layers of strata on the carved side of a mountain, and they add a unique almost organic quality to the interior. With diffused green light streaming through the planters in the morning and evening, the inhabitants are treated to their own private city oasis.
     In this chaotic city, we defined the full variety of surrounding greenery as a context of Saigon and applied to the main concept of this house. Although the Saigon townscape is getting uniformed and boring under the influence of the furious urban sprawl of recent years, we intended this house to inspire people to re-define and re-increase the greenery as the character of this city. “Stacking Green” is just one small house, but it is generated from the context of Saigon. We hope that “Stacking Green” makes Saigon become more distinguished and fascinating with much more tropical greenery in the future. 

Stacking Green House
Site Plan
Stacking Green House
 All floor Plans

Stacking Green House
Sunlight source comes from everywhere

Stacking Green House
Green Facade

Stacking Green House
Green Facade with different layers of plant

Stacking Green House
Green view from inside

Stacking Green House
Green at Living room

Stacking Green House
 Green at bedroom
Stacking Green House
Recent Photo

Stacking Green House
Recent Photo

For download 3D sketch up model, please see and get file in link below: stacking-green-house-SU-model

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  1. I will build this kind of house in future. :-)