Kitchen design with traditional style.

  Kitchen is an important part in the layout of an apartments, townhouse or a villa. Kitchen design can not separate from interior design of a house or an apartment. So if we decide a style for general space, then all functional areas will follow and develop base on that style. Some people would like to see and living under modern space, but others might like traditional or classical one.
  At this post , I would like to introduce to you about a kitchen design in a high rise apartment with traditional style.

Characteristics of a classic style kitchen is easy to see that cabinets are made of natural wood or artificial wood. Kitchen cabinets and hanging cabinets are divided into regular rhythm and harmony. We also see some decorative details as wooden cornice with crown molding, trim molding panel for cabinets ...  

Apartment plan layout and kitchen location is highlighted with red transparent color.
Initial sketch idea for the kitchen. You may recognize classic style  through the details and shape of cabinets or even the  island counter.
Main elevation showing dimessions, shape of cabinetry and some material codes

Side elevation of kitchen. You could see a small_size refrigerator, cook hook, which were chosen carefully from supliers, so that they can blend well with other things in general space.

A testing render showing clearly the design idea.

The final perspective has been done with showing some materials such as: black mable on counter top, mosaic pattern for back_splash, wooden for cabinetry. The cook_hook, sink,small refregerator have also chosen in particular product from real supliers, that they could stand together in a harmony space.
  Now, I have almost completed this post. I hope you enjoy and interesting in my idea, as well as finding useful informations for yourselves. Thanks for having read and support me. 
  Lastly, we might also consider some accessoties such as cabinetry door hardware, stainless steel handle,..., that those can make the kitchen more useful and more valuable. As i have known from my practical work, it is not a cheap things to add into kitchen and we can check more in accessories manufacturer for updated infomation.

  P/s Which style do you like between a modern kitchen and traditinal one? Do you think that kitchen design is really important for interior design or not? ....

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