The French colonial architecture in Da Lat

Like many cities around Vietnam, Dalat has a lot of historical buildings in city.

The French had planned and constructed  Dalat city as a place of administration, resort and travel. Many building from that time were restored, renovated and were used in good condition by today. Some of them were used for tourists attraction only.

Those colonial buildings are important parts of Da Lat, they also represents the soul, the image and symbol of this romantic city.

Dalat Teacher's Training College is famous with the high the bell tower. It was designed by architects Moncet and Ernest Hebrard in 1927. According to the International Union, this construction is one of the World’s typical 1,000 constructions in 20th century.

This school is still be used as traning college with total 24 classrooms.

Mai Anh church view from below of the hill

Dalat palace hotel

Dalat Railway Station was built in 1943 and shows some art deco elements for decoration

An friench colonial villas

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