Giant dragon bamboo (dendrocalamus sinicus)

the tallest and biggest bamboo tree

This kind of bamboo would make you surprise with its huge size and unusual look. Bellow is ten things about giant dragon bamboo (dendrocalamus sinicus)

1) Biggest and tallest bamboo in the world: this gigantic clumping bamboo has the largest culms of any known species of bamboo; up to 15.9 inches (40 cm) wide with culm walls up to 2.3 inches (6 cm) thick and the culm up to 151-158 feet (46 meters) in height.

2) Greatest bio mass: each culm can weigh up to 990 pounds (450 kg) apiece. a clump of dragon bamboo eventually consists of about one hundred culms.

3) Stunning “king of bamboo”: the fastest growing land plant on earth, it grows to full size in 18 weeks. 151 feet tall, culm internodes are about 8 inches long, reddish when young, mid- green later. culm sheaths persistent or late deciduous (lower ones not easily removable, remnants remain attached), thickly papery, longer than internode (in mature clumps).

4) great wood, high quality fiber: its wood is hard, firm and dry; straight without defects, and grows evenly throughout the year. culm weight can exceed 450 kilograms.

5) grows well everywhere: low and high elevation, low and high precipitation; no dormant phase, it grows alsmost all year round.

6) excellent giant shoots: 15 to 20 kilograms

7) easy to harvest: no side branches

8) Leaves: Leaf-blades are lance-shaped and between 15–30 cm long and 10–25 mm wide.

9)Branches: Many clustered branches with 1 larger central dominant branch usually occur from ca. 9th node up. number of propagules now due for release: 50

10) Seeds: Flowering cycle and seed-setting is reported to be about every 60-100 years. Dendrocalamus asper flowers gregariously although sporadic flowering has been reported.
Habitat: Planted or naturalized from low elevations up to 1,500 m. Dendrocalamus asper thrives best at 400-500 m altitude in areas with average annual rainfall of about 2,400 mm. They grow well on various soil types, even on sandy and rather acidic soils, but prefers well-drained heavy soils. 


  1. Hi I'm Cherubim Abraham from Ghana how can get some of the seeds please?.

    1. Hi bro,
      You can check with some local that they plant this giant bamboo tree, such as Thailand, west of Vietnam
      They also be sold on lazada as link below, but i don't know that they can ship to your country or not
      Have nice day and wish the best to you ⭐️🌟

  2. hello I am from nepal , I Want to plant this giant bamboo . How to I will find its plants of seeds

    1. Mostly, this bamboo tree growing in South East Asia. Iam wonder it possible to plant in your country, that not belong to tropical climate.
      They made a plants of seeds from its branch like images below:

  3. Ola como adquiero una planta chica me interesa soy de Veracruz mexico

  4. Anonymous1:45 AM

    can this type of saplings is export in India

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